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1) Absolutely no hacking/cheating!

    This includes
     - Third party programs such as hack clients.
     - Injecting into game files
     - Altering game files such as “Turning off walls or ceilings”
     - Making players heads larger
     - No sleeping bag glitching into bases
This is a straight up permanent ban!


2) No Alternative Accounts!

    For no reason what-so-ever should you be using an alternative account. “You just got steam” and you have the aim of a god but   “You’ve been playing xbox for ages” is NOT a valid reason. This is a bannable offence.


3) No Abuse, Racism or Harassment.

    At any time if a player is being abusive, racist or generally toxic towards the server (Players or Admins). You’ll get one warning then depending on the severity it may result in either one of the following; a mute, temp-ban or permanent ban!


4) No Impersonating Players, Admins or Server Console

    For no reason should anyone be imitating players, admins or the Server Console, anyone found caught doing this will result in a Temporary or Permanent ban depending on the severity offence!

5) No Invisible names, no foreign characters in names or no names in different languages.

    Straight no invisible names, there is no reason you should need to hide your name, this makes you look suspicious and that is a permanent ban! This is an Australian server, we all speak English here, you should all be using English characters. Not only that but the admins should be able to identify between players. Failure to change your name after an admin requests you to change your name will result in a temporary ban!


*The invisible name for admins and invisible armour does not apply to them in order to catch hackers*

6) Admin Abuse

 6.1) Abusing admin powers is strictly not tolerated. If you wish report an admin abusing their powers you can post a formal complaint on the forum, if you would prefer to remain anonymous you can speak to Heisenberg or ProdigyAustralia on the Teamspeak 3 ( Depending on the circumstance the offending admin will either get a warning, loss of admin or even ban from the server.

 6.2) Abusing admins/moderators is also not tolerated. Depending the situation, the player abusing an admin or moderator the player may get a mute, temporary or permanent ban!

7) Griefing

Griefing is Allowed! There's a remove tool in place to remove grief. HOWEVER anyone found spamming items such as: Campfires, Storage boxes, shacks and Spikes will result in permanent ban (Permanent griefing is not allowed. This includes gates, building onto other peoples bases or walling them off)


The following glitches/exploits are NOT allowed on the server and will result in a Temporary or permanent ban depending on the offence.


- Box/Furnace/Gate Glitch jumping (Superjumping off an object)                   [Permanent Ban]
- 180 Pick axing / hitting players through walls                                 [Permanent Ban]
- Pillar Peeking [1 warning then a ban] (PLEASE NOTE: it is the players responsibility to make sure the chests aren't peakable)
- Rock bases / Ramp Bases                                                        [Permanent Ban]
- Sleeping Bags/Storage boxes/Stashes in foundations                             [1 warning then a ban]
- Ramp stacking                                                                  [Permanent Ban]
- Boxes through doors when raiding or being trapped                              [1 warning then a ban]
- Alt - Tabbing to shoot through doors                                           [1 warning then a ban]
- Suicide bases                                                                  [1 warning then a ban]
- Ramp Bases                                                                     [Permanent Ban]
- Disconnecting to drop down a cliff                                             [Permanent Ban]
- Staying inside trees when spawned in them                                      [1 warning then a ban]
- Crouching in Bears / Bear Glitching                                            [1 warning then a ban]

The following glitches/exploits ARE ALLOWED on the server
- Pillar Barricading
- Stashes under doorways
- Altered Field of View (fov)
- Turning the grass off
- Turning your gamma up at night
- Holding Doors
- Relogging Because of broken legs

7) Advertising

    Absolutely no advertising of any other servers or player poaching on the server, you’ll be permanently banned if you do so.

Things we allow although can still lead to banishment if we see fit. 

1) Swearing and Trolling

    Swearing and Trolling is allowed,  Rust is recommended for players who are over the age of 18 so swearing and trolling are acceptable as it’s all part of the game.


In Conclusion,

“But it’s part of the game” you may say. If you haven’t realised we are a community, as the owners we have sworn to make this server an fun, enjoyable and moderated game for everybody to be apart of. Ultimately the admins at Disparate Gaming are providing a free service to you. We are allowing you to play on our server and if we feel that a player is being detrimental to the amongst the community we can and will declare banishment from the community, this includes somebody whom has donated towards the server.

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