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Popcoin's Mod Application
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
Joined: 3rd Feb 2015
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3rd Feb 2015

Your Name: John Tuckett

Your In Game Name: Popcoin

Age?: 24

Where are you located?: Australia, Victoria.

Hours played on Rust?: 1023

How active are you?: 3 to 4 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

Admin Experience: I have been an admin on 2 rust servers. One was a vanilla, American server named "Good times in Oregon". The server was well populated, sometimes reaching 70 to 80 players on weekends. The server is now gone, though I am still very friendly with the owner and am happy for you guys to speak with him for a reference. He is a chef in his 40's and is one of the best admins I have learnt from. Sadly he doesn't play Rust anymore. He doesn't use teamspeak, only skype but I could ask him to get it. The second server I was admin on was an Australian, vanilla server that only lasted a month and the population didn't rise past 10 people.

Do you have TS3 and a microphone?: Yes

Do you have the ability to record to provide video evidence?: Yes

Do you posses VAC Bans? Be honest: No

Do you have any alt accounts?: No

What is admin abuse?: There are too many admin abusing situations I could write here and it would take up too much of your time to read so I will just name the main ones so you guys know I have a good understanding of what admin abuse is. Spawning in items for your, or a players advantage. Using invisible gear for any other reason then watching players or an accused player of cheating. Have been killed my an invis admin recently. ... atch?v=RXodo_nnsCQ  Using god mode while engaging in combat. Using an invisible name while not doing admin activities. I could name a lot more but I'll leave it there.

Have you been banned off any other servers before? If so why? We have a lot of ban lists from other servers. So don't lie be honest!: Yes, once. ... atch?v=lIOdkp3glw0  Evidence of why I shouldn't of been banned.

How much time on average a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forums and Rustralia?: Between 15 to 20 hours.

How patient on a scale of 1-10 would you say you are? 10-being Extremely Patient: 8 or 9

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I work night shift from 7pm till 2am or 3am. I then come home and sleep 5 to 6 hours and come on Rust not long after I have woke up. It's usually 6am to 7am at that time and people are always saying, "Never any admins online" or "I wish there was an admin on". I would fill in the gaps as to when other admins aren't online. I enjoyed my past admin experience of keeping Rust clean and fun to play and would like to continue doing so on Rustralia.

Joined: 29th Sep 2014
Rank: Owner
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3rd Feb 2015

You've got my support but I'll leave it up to the other boys.

Disparate Gaming Founder and Creator
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Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
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