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Moderator Application - Tomosapien
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
Joined: 24th Mar 2015
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24th Mar 2015

Your Name:  Thomas

Your In Game Name:  Tomosapien

Age?:  16

Where are you located?:  Australia, NSW

Hours played on Rust?:  557

How active are you?:  Very, come on at least once a day for a few hours and most of the day on weekends.

Admin Experience:  Null, hoping to learn (a few years ago i was mod on a minecraft server if that means anything)

Do you have TS3 and a microphone?:  Yes

Do you have the ability to record to provide video evidence?:  Yes

Do you posses VAC Bans? Be honest:  No.

Do you have any alt accounts?:  No. Only one account i use

What is admin abuse?:  using admin abilities during normal gameplay to make it unfair for other players who do not have the same command abilities as the admin, i.e using god mode, being invisible, spawning items in, tping players against their will or to your own friends and banning other players without reason or evidence.

Have you been banned off any other servers before? If so why? We have a lot of ban lists from other servers. So don't lie be honest!:  i've been wrongly banned from oceanic battlefield (prodigy saw this) and got that cleared up. I was banned from Ozgames for some time (last year) for defending my friend against hackusations but was unbanned also.

How much time on average a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forums and Rustralia?:  I will help monitor and moderate the Rust server and forums whenever i am online, which is very often. At least 3-4 hours weekdays and 10 hours each day on the weekends. I also in my past hours of playing on the Rustralia server have helped admins on many occasions. I helped Lelouche create events ALL the time if i was on and those were very time comsumig, nearly 3 hours each or more. These include parkour, barricade olympics, pvp arenas etc(ask Lelouche for more if interested)

How patient on a scale of 1-10 would you say you are? 10-being Extremely Patient:  9

Why do you want to be a moderator?:  I would like to be a moderator to help out the already hardworking server admins and to maintain fair and fun gameplay on the server community. I would be happy to help any player who has issues or questions when i'm on and would use this as moderator experience. (Also i find that sometimes i'm online when moderators/admins aren't)

Read more:
Last Edit: 24th Mar 2015 by Tomosapien
Joined: 30th Sep 2014
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26th Mar 2015

Thank you for a detailed moderator application
Joined: 1st Nov 2014
Rank: Rustralia Staff
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27th Mar 2015


As well as providing us a pretty detailed Moderator application, your major advantage is having a general idea of how to run server events, which I have no doubt we'll be running more of in the coming days. Since i'll be spending more of my time with the CSGO server soon, i'll need to leave that task up to someone else.

Good luck.
Joined: 8th Nov 2014
Rank: Owner
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29th Mar 2015

Hello. I see you have the owners approval. Congratz .... Can you join the TS ---
or add these steam URL''s ... s/76561198143730555/ ... /id/prodigyaustralia ... /id/lelouche
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
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