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Budha's Mod Application
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
Joined: 20th Dec 2014
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20th Feb 2015

Your Name:  Budha

Your In Game Name:  Currently Moff Tarkin. Also known as: Budha, PillAge.

Age?:  34

Where are you located?:  Central Coast NSW.

Hours played on Rust?:  1469

How active are you?:  Fairly active. I work Part time so spend a lot of time playing on days off.

Admin Experience:  I have been an admin on a friends server. It was a small pop server that did not last too long. I have also assisted admins/mods with arena construction on numerous occasions on multiple servers including Rustralia.

Do you have TS3 and a microphone?:   Yes.

Do you have the ability to record to provide video evidence?:  I am currently looking into the best program for this but not currently.

Do you posses VAC Bans? Be honest:   None. I was honest.

Do you have any alt accounts?:  None.

What is admin abuse?: Admin abuse is the act of using ones powers to gain unfair advantage either for themselves or someone else, or the act of using ones powers to unfairly disadvantage others. This is not limited to in game abuse, it also includes the server website, steam, and other forms of social media.  

Have you been banned off any other servers before? If so why? We have a lot of ban lists from other servers. So don't lie be honest!:  Once a very long time ago I jumped on a PvP server and was banned within two minutes without any warning or reasoning. I was noob and had no idea what was going on and think I may have even cried a little.......

How much time on average a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forums and Rustralia?:  20 -30 hours, probably more.

How patient on a scale of 1-10 would you say you are? 10-being Extremely Patient:  10. I work with kids.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I like to help police the server. I hate cheating. Plus I like the text colour better than the donator one

Joined: 29th Sep 2014
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21st Feb 2015

What kind of work do you do around kids?

Disparate Gaming Founder and Creator
Personal Contact -

Joined: 20th Dec 2014
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21st Feb 2015

I am an Outdoor Educator, I facilitate personal development in young people through the medium of outdoor activities like Abseiling and sea kayaking.
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
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