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Admin application
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application Locked
Joined: 1st Nov 2014
Rank: Rustralia Staff
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1st Nov 2014

EDIT: Title is meant to read MODERATOR Application

Your name:    Lelouche (Ryan)

Hours played on Rust:    1,672

Do you have TS3 and a microphone?: Yes and yes.

Admin Experience:

Root Admin of all (8) KungFu Comedy Clan CS 1.6, CSS, CSGO Servers (USA)
Root Admin of Owlbox community CSS Server (Germany)
Root Admin / Co-Owner of OSY.COM Minigame CSS servers (Germany)
Root Admin of Xentersio Minigames server CSS (Russia)
Root Admin (Eventually took ownership) of MonashCS Gungame CSS.
Owner of MonashCS Gungame 2, Minigames, Deathmatch CSS Servers.
Owner of Rustralia (Yes, I had a server many months ago called Rustralia) Rust server.
Owner of Australia #1 Newrust (experimental) Managing almost 100/100 players for the most part during the time I had it)
CSS Server moderator for 3 consecutive Respawn Lan events.

Why do you want to be a moderator?

I'll be straight and honest with anyone reading this:

I like this server! There is a very good reason why it currently stands as the most popular Legacy server in Australia right now. It has personality! It has a great balance of friendlies and bandits, a dedicated group of owners and well established laws that admins should be following.

But let me emphasize on should for a moment.

Without a doubt there have been far too many breaches of admin policy and reports of blatant admin abuse going around almost every day for the past while, which saddens me because I still love playing rust and there's almost no other Australian Rust servers even close to what Rustralia currently is.

This is why I'm submitting my Mod Application.

Alot of my previous admin experience has involved dealing with people of all ages, backgrounds, etc. Outside of my usual bandit 'self' I am extremely tolerant and patient with anyone, always working to resolve the issues at hand rather than resorting to abuse, hiding away or not even bothering.

I understand each and every method whereby to undertake when settling an admin required matter within Rust, but I would also like to help motivate and advise other moderators on how they should deal with matters themselves.

That about wraps it up, cheers!

Much love,
- Ledouche

Last Edit: 1st Nov 2014 by Lelouche
Joined: 14th Oct 2014
Rank: Rustralia Staff
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1st Nov 2014

Joined: 30th Sep 2014
Rank: Owner
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4th Nov 2014

Under Consideration.

Very detailed by the way
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application Locked
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