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Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
Joined: 21st Mar 2015
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22nd Mar 2015

Your Name: Thomas

Your In Game Name: [ReKt]12y DESTROYER

Age?: 16

Where are you located?: sydney

Hours played on Rust?: 2020

How active are you?: everyday

Admin Experience: head admin on ReKt pvp

Do you have TS3 and a microphone?: yes

Do you have the ability to record to provide video evidence?: yes

Do you posses VAC Bans? Be honest: nope

Do you have any alt accounts?: yes

What is admin abuse?:  smacking kids with a uber hatchet, spawning items to help myself or my group, tping to my team or tping them to me, banning people that aren't hacking or abusing them.

Have you been banned off any other servers before? If so why? We have a lot of ban lists from other servers. So don't lie be honest!: Runkies quaded some kid in a window with a mp5 result instaban, Craze apparently headshot a 12y admin through a wall twice result instaban and then unbanned later.

How much time on average a week are you willing to donate to help moderate our forums and Rustralia?: to forums when ever im browsing the forums on my phone or at home, to the server when ever I can

How patient on a scale of 1-10 would you say you are? 10-being Extremely Patient: 8-9 (better than mozer)

Why do you want to be a moderator?: to make sure that everyone and I aren't playing against cheater, and to help the little scrubs that come one the server.

Read more:
Joined: 22nd Mar 2015
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22nd Mar 2015

- Denied -
Joined: 8th Nov 2014
Rank: Owner
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22nd Mar 2015

                                          -Under Consideration from the DISPARATEGAMING TEAM-

I will get back you through STEAM... Good luck
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Moderator Application
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