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PillAge and PlunDers Event ideas
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12th Jan 2015

So PlunDer and I (Budha/PillAge) got a couple of ideas for events. We are happy to help set these up too  we both have some admin exp where we have done similar ones that were ssuccessful

"PillAge and PlunDer chase"

Basically, you awesome admins fill PlunDer and my inventories with any goodies you choose, then we cut laps around the road........... All you need to tell players is to find and kill us .

Simple, minimal setup (ie no tp fuckarounds lol) and fun.

"The Rust Marathon"

This is an idea in development, but we reckon a massive race...... say 3 laps around the road or something, would be funny as fuck.

You could even drop the odd m4 on the road along the way to keep it interesting...........

If multiple admins/mods filmed this you would have a sick vid on your hands too.

'The Treasure Hunt"

Fill a 1x1 with goodies and let us try to find/raid it

This is an awesome server with good admins, but the numbers are dropping! Lets bring em back!

Forum » Rustralia Forum » Suggestions
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