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Earl & Brandon Ban Appeals?
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Ban Appeals
Joined: 22nd Mar 2015
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22nd Mar 2015

Name:  Earl and Brandon

Steam Profile: ( MY ONE RUST ACCOUNT WITH LINKS TO MY VAC'D AND MAIN ACCOUNT ON THERE ) ( Brandons only account who played rustralia for the first time today)

Reason for your ban: Earl: Being involved with Brandon who is apart of the "Pipey Clan" which is insane because we only played rustralia for the first time today in months and it being brandons first time ever playing / Multiple vac bans? I have one vac'd account which I admit to from 300 days ago I have no more accounts with vac's on them Chills .. 

Brandon: Started playing rustralia today for the first time ever and because he is in queensland he was banned for being apart of the "pipey clan" who are also from queensland.

Why should you be unbanned:
I did nothing wrong nor did Brandon, I have been a member of this community since the server was made I MYSELF named this fucking server Rustralia.

Evidence to support your claim:
Evidence are you joking look at my hours played recently look at my ip logs of me logging in everything is there, show evidence for our ban pls? 

Joined: 26th Sep 2014
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28th Mar 2015

his friend aint pipey
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Ban Appeals
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