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Ban Appeal for player :spiraltroll: and co.
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Ban Appeals
Joined: 9th Jan 2015
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9th Jan 2015

I believe that I have been unjustly banned from Rustralia for an unspecified supposed "cheat" and wish to be unbanned from the server, along with my friends supporting my case, Servedbanana and Althasor.

My in-game name is :spiraltroll:, and my friends names are Servedbanana and Althasor.

Here is a link to my steam profile: ... /id/spookyskilenton
And my other two friends profiles who were banned: ... es/76561198030377124 - Servedbanana ... es/76561198088197575 - Althasor

Here is the supplied video used as a primary source of evidence - ... amp;

All 3 of our accounts were banned on minimal evidence (primarily trust-based evidence) given by other players in the game.  The admin who banned us (abstinence) did not specify what cheat that they believed I was using, only that I was "cheating".  I was banned for killing another player with a shotgun hit to the right hand at 12m.  According to the player I killed, he was on full health.  No evidence is given of this, the admin took his word that he was on full health.  The video evidence that was supplied was insufficient proof that the player "Humble Rock-Merchant" was on full health.  The video is from the perspective of the other player present at the time - ShrekIsDrek, this does not show the health of the other player; A Humble Rock-Merchant.  The admin has given the accuser the benefit of the doubt, and seemed to treat the supplied evidence as fact.  There is absolutely no proof that the player was on full health, making the decision to ban me and the other two players unjust.  Secondly, I - nor either of my other 2 friends banned were approached or spoken to before the ban, instead time was spent with the accuser who was able to provide and possibly fabricate evidence to back up their case.  Our side of the story was not heard prior to the ban, only afterwards where according to the admin "nothing could be changed now".  Thirdly, I have never been banned from Rust, nor any other game for hacking, which was believed to be true prior to the admin banning me.  I believe this was a large contributing factor in my ban, and like I have mentioned, I was not approached or asked about this prior to being banned. 

I understand that a kill from 12m to the right hand is not a common occurrence, but has been proved to be completely possible without cheating, as it is shown in the supplied YouTube video.  Server lag was not taken into account, and the video supplied does not show the entirety of the gunfight, only less than a second before the first kill.  As I'm sure you are aware, lag spikes on Rustralia often last for more than 4 or 5 seconds, the time shown in the video before the first kill was less than 1 second, this does not account for the possibility of a lag spike, which would explain the long-distance kill.  If the supplied video had showed the entirety of the gunfight and the events leading up to said gunfight, proof could be given for or against a possible lag spike.

After taking a look at our steam profiles, it is obvious that both Servedbanana and I play a fair bit of rust, and also own many other games.  Althasor is a friend of mine who I had purchased the game for that day, and who was new to the game and was immediately banned for taking a side in an argument.  Was he banned simply because he was on my friend-list, or was any evidence supplied that he was actually cheating (along with Servedbanana)?  I feel that their bans were particularly unjust, as neither of these players were accused of hacking, instead they were banned because they took a side in an argument or because they were on my friend-list.  My play time in rust is over 500hrs, suggesting that I have owned the game for quite a long time now and have had lots of time to practice the game.  Therefore, my aim has improve significantly over this time, and sometimes I am able to outplay the opposition (as in this case, I outplayed both Humble Rock-Merchant as ShrekIsDrek), letting me prevail in this 1v2 situation.  If the only reason for banning me was because I won a gunfight and the people I killed were annoyed that they had lost and decided to complain for around an hour in side-chat, then I do not believe that my ban was just.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ban appeal, and I hope this issue can be sorted out soon.

Joined: 30th Sep 2014
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11th Jan 2015

I'm willing to give you a second chance,

Rust is STILL in alpha and extremely buggy and especially when it comes to shotguns.

More than likely lag,

At the end of the day, we would rather a suspected cheater off the server than on it, So the admin did what he thought was right, so don't get mad at him. This is why we have ban appeals.

Ban appeal Approved.

Please not though you might be asked to record to prove legitimacy like other players on the server but not as of yet.

Also thanks for the detailed ban appeal.

Hope to see you back on our servers.

Kind Regards,

Forum » Rustralia Forum » Ban Appeals
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