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Ban Appeal for Nathan
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Ban Appeals
Joined: 15th May 2015
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15th May 2015

Name: Nathan

Steam Profile: ... m/id/vazeoph

Reason for your ban: "Blew your second chance" ??? I was confused about this since I can't recall ever being banned on rustralia

Why should you be unbanned: First of all I have no idea why I was banned and I would like to tell the story
First off I joined the server and farmed for a bit, ever since the last update that caused people to opt into 'legacy' in settings my overlay hasn't worked at all, I tried changing the key, making sure it was enabled in settings and closing all other programs that I thought might have messed it up. I couldn't seem to fix it after googling many times, so I naturally decided to warn an admin about my overlay. I found an admin using a uberhatchet at resource hole and I walked up to him, the admin was "Flapstik". I said I wanted to talk to him so he said sure, I told him how my overlay was not working and he explained that rust runs as a window sort of, not like a full game how if you take a screen shot you can still viably upload it to a website and it will be legit, if you do it in a certain amount of time so it wont be editable. I said "Okay, thanks!" and ran off to continue farming. I did a bit of stuff in between but about 1-4 hours went by and I came back on the server after I re-installed rust to see if that would fix my overlay problem, It didn't. I came onto the server and said "Chills, my overlay still isn't working." because I got Chills and Flapstik mixed up and thought he was the admin I talked to before. He drop tested me straight away and I died, re-spawned and got teleported back, he said "You mean your steam overlay" I replied with "Yes the last update fucked it up for me like I told you before" (Keep in mind that I thought he was flapstik). He said "You're the only person this has happened to." Then, he headshotted me with an m4 and killed me, I got banned with the reason "Blew your second chance". once again I'm confused with this "second chance" stuff, since I've never been banned on rustralia before.. 
So I'm confused why I got banned in general?
(Oh also, I figured it out now, turns out the only thing I had to do was run rust as administrator)

Evidence to support your claim: That was the screenshot I took at the time to test the prnt screen thing that Flapstik had told me about. I would have recorded it all like I normally do (I have 200gb of recordings) but the latest patch made my obs not pick it up as a program to be recorded in sources.

Last Edit: 15th May 2015 by Nathan
Forum » Rustralia Forum » Ban Appeals
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