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Rustralia Server Re-wipe 20/10/2014
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20th Oct 2014

Hey guys,

Unfortunately this morning around 7am AEST the Rust server and Teamspeak server crashed multiple times unexpectedly without warming. Fortunately this didn't effect the Teamspeak server but it did effect the Rust server.

Multiple files on the server such as coding files and the Rust world map have become corrupt and un-usable. The server has been re-coded back to how it was but sadly the Rust map with everyone's bases on is 0 bytes in size and non recoverable. 

This isn't our fault as its a Streamline based issue. We've done as much as we can to prevent this but unfortunately the map is still corrupt.

We apologize for any inconvenience but as we said it's out of our hands are we now have things in place to prevent this problem occurring again in the future.

But, this doesn't effect anything else on the server. The server will still run as usual.

Kind Regards,

Forum » Rustralia Forum » News & Announcements
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