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helping Nathan pay for hacks
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7th Apr 2015

as everyone knows i am rather a high ranking hacker in the Australian rust community, i have a well known YouTube channel as well as a long standing affiliation with the clan "[Pipey]". as most people know i use cheats from a company called "Artificial Aiming" and i pay a recurring monthly fee for it. my most recent sub has just run out and i am in deep need of financial funds to continue my hacking fun. what i'm suggesting is a fundraiser to raise money for my next subscription and to help me continue to be the L33TEST hacker you all know and love (except for the long list of people who don't like me) i will soon have a PayPal account you can all donate to and help me out, in the mean time please consider putting aside some money for me
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7th Apr 2015

1) Absolutely no hacking/cheating!

This includes
- Third party programs such as hack clients.
- Injecting into game files
- Altering game files such as “Turning off walls or ceilings”
- Making players heads larger
- No sleeping bag glitching into bases

This is a straight up permanent ban!

Read more: http://www.disparategamin ... /rules#ixzz3WeR9Vsjf

We don't condone cheating on our servers sorry.

Maybe try: they may support your campaign and you may get some donations.

Kind Regards,

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9th Apr 2015

Forum » Disparate Gaming » Suggestions
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