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Rustralia Ban
Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
Joined: 30th Mar 2015
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30th Mar 2015

I was banned from your server for an unknown reason as I was AFK at the time, but i think it may have been the VAC ban i had on that account for CS:GO (which is from when i was messing with files to change the font of the ingame text i think), I just bought rust that day to play with my mates and they do not want to change servers because they have gotten quite far in it.

It would be nice for an admin to look into this as I have not done anything wrong on the server, so I believe that i was wrongly banned

My account link is ... /id/OfficialIMA
Joined: 30th Sep 2014
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30th Mar 2015

You're account is suspicious that's why you're banned.
Last Edit: 30th Mar 2015 by prodigyaustralia
Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
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