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i have been banned from rustralia
Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
Joined: 29th Dec 2014
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30th Dec 2014

i have been banned from rustralia and many other servers for supposedly aim botting , speed hacking    and even in on server fly hacking when i jumped off a 8 story house and got auto banned. i didn't  mined  as much as i do for rustrlia as its is my favorite server..

so. the reason i was banned on rustralia was because i had shot someone with a shotgun
i only had one bullet so i ran at him with a rock.  he did not know i was out of ammo and running at him with my rock, so he was swerving and crouch running. i was running straight so i caught up to him and killed him with the rock. 
an admin was decided to tp to me after he complained. they asked me to spam the jump button but before i did that the admin kiked me and i was banned. 

this occurred Sunday the 28th  
my account link is  ----> ... s/76561198080219724/ 
I would really appreciate it if an admin could look into my case and urban me
Joined: 2nd Oct 2014
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1st Jan 2015

hi mad mango

yeah sorry the ban will not being lifted as u have 3 rust db bans and also been been banned on ausrust for aimbotting someone with this history doesnt get second chances!!!!

Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
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