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Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
Joined: 5th Apr 2015
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5th Apr 2015

Name: Tibor G.  (Prcek2)
Steam Profile:http:   //
Reason for your ban: So, I was building mine house and then chills teleported me to him. He  told dat i have to add him on steam (i didnt know why) so i added him. then he was AFk for cca 15 minutes . i was asking him if he can teleport me back and things like dat.and then i was banned.
Why should you be unbannned: i bought rust just 2 days ago and i love it. this was mine first favourite server and  then this happened ... i really want to play on this server , im not a hacker. 
Evidence to support your claim:I think there was only me and chills so i dont have nything :/ 
PLS this is server what i want to play on ..
I have bought it with mine brother .
So dat´s because its shared ..
And now he cant´t play it too :/

thx for answer.

Last Edit: 6th Apr 2015 by Prcek2
Joined: 30th Sep 2014
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5th Apr 2015

Hey mate,

You're banned for family sharing, We don't allow Family Shared copy's of Rust on our server, due to the ability to bypass bans, sorry about that.

Kind Regards,

Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
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