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2Spooooooooky Ban appeal
Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
Joined: 7th Feb 2015
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7th Feb 2015



Apparent "recoil hacking"

I have just started on your sever when i got stuck and asked for admin help then i was taken for a hacking test. Where i was asked to shoot at a wall with an m4. i shot and did as asked but then the admin came to the conclusion that i was hacking in which i was not. There was no complaints about me as i have been in small gun fights . I think it is unreasonable to ban me because on the recoil test my gun did not go side so side enough in which it did.  I merely a new player who has not had an auto rifle yet.

I do not have an evidence of my ban but if you ask the player (noob)Smurf  player ... s/76561197973552407/
who i talked to on your server about joining up with him after i had killed him he said "you shooting was legit" 

I just ask to be unbanned as im a semi new player to rust who finally got started and was banned on unfair grounds because i dont play games much (little hours) and failed a test which dose not conclude well enough if someone is a hacker as every bullet recoil is different and was only run once.

Joined: 30th Sep 2014
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8th Feb 2015

Hey 2Spoooooky,

Players are tested randomly, ... 2e6db.png

You obviously know quite a bit about rust as you do have multiple accounts.

No unban for you.

Kind Regards,

Last Edit: 8th Feb 2015 by prodigyaustralia
Forum » Disparate PVP » Ban Appeals
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