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Server Launch (5-10-2014)
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5th Oct 2014

Hello and welcome to Disparate Gaming.

Prodigy and I have put a lot of time into this project over the past weeks and we have now decided to release the server to the public. The server has been built off of an oxide base, although we have optimised it and we are happy to say that the server is running just like we want it too, lag free and full of plugins. The server is seen to be as a PVP server as we have a dedicated M4 and leather starter kit, although don't let this scare you away because we have tried our best to keep a great sum of Vanilla as well; meaning that the loot tables are set as default and you as of right now we don't have an economy allowing you to buy things. To put it into simple terms, you will still need to farm as you would on a Vanilla server, except you are kitted out with weaponry and armour. 

As the founders of the community, our promise to you is that we will provide regular and consistent updates throughout the community, we have an astounding amount of idea's that we intend to implement into the server, so stay tuned and don't forget that we will always listen and consider your suggestions, so if you have and idea don't be afraid to familiarise us with it by posting in the suggestions section. 

We hope that everybody enjoys what we have worked hard for, we also hope that people respect that this has been newly launched and if bugs or glitches are found we would appreciate the respect of the community to report them to us, rather than exploiting them.
Thanks guys. 

Disparate Gaming Founder and Creator
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Forum » Disparate PVP » News & Announcements
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