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Dev Log (27.10.14) [Rustralia]
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27th Oct 2014

Dev Log (27.10.14) Rustralia

Hey guys,

A lot of you are aware that the server moved from magma to oxide over the weekend. This has made the server glitch and cheat free. Also allowing the owners to monitor what the moderate the Admins and Mods are doing in game as well as having logs for everything.

Some of the plugins include:

  • Death Handler - Logs kills into RCON so that we can see all the deaths on the server.
  • Anti Glitch. This stops the following:- Anti Rock Glitching- Anti item placing in foundations. (making an un-raidable base.)- Anti Wall Looting- Anti Ramp Stack / Glitch- Anti Pillar Stash When a player tries to do any of these, the player gets kicked and gets a strike, an admin is notified and the location is saved in when the player tried to glitch. 3 Strikes on any of the following and the player is automatically permanently banned.
  • Anti Wall Hack - Stops players turning and shooting or hitting through them. When a player does this an admin is notified and the player is banned.
  • Anti Cheat - Stops hackers full stop. Prevents the following:- Flyhacking - Speedhacking - Superjumping - Blueprint Unlocking - Auto-looting - Airdrop Auto-looting - Ceiling Spawn hacking - Walk Speed Hack
  • Anti No recoil - Logs and notifies admins if a player is suspecting of having the No-Recoil Cheat.
  • Advanced ban system - Bans players by IP & auto bans players that have more than 2 hacking bans from other servers. Plus more.
  • Chat Handler - Logs all of chat and the commands players, mods and admins make.
  • House Locator - (Server Owners Only) Shows the location of players bases & how many bases they have. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the server owners have access to this.
  • Sleepover - Stops sleeping bag raiders. /sleepover <playername> to add someone to your foundation.
  • Who looted - Allows admins to see who looted bags or loot boxes in a certain radius.
  • Nav Mesh Error Fix -  Kills any animals that spawn in a rock or underground causing the RCON to be spammed with Nav Mesh errors.
  • Planned Updates:- Kill & Resourcing Ranking System which will be located on the website and in game.- Inventory Lookup. - Ownership Changer & To see who owns what.- Player Freezer (Admins only)- Resource Spawner- Vote for this server plugin.+ more

Hack/Glitch at your own risk on the server.


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Forum » Disparate PVP » News & Announcements
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